Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Long Winter Beckons

So as you guys may or may not have noticed, i have been wearing a beenie/cap type of a thing on my head since around Monday. Now although it may seem like I'm trying to set a new trend or perhaps that i just have awesome taste in clothing, the beenie/cap (lets call it 'RED'), has a very important purpose. As the winter month is approaching and is getting steadily colder, Winter will be choosing its victims wisely. I do not wish to be its next victim. Therefore, like the mighty Elk and Caribou that we used to hunt on the plains of the Arctic Tundra, that would never run away from us but would put on a mock canter as if to say "If I can run this fast at a canter, imagine how fast i will be at full gallop". I am saying to Winter, if i am wearing RED now, imagine what i will be wearing when winter officially arrives. i hope it doesn't call my bluff.

So The Lone Wolf astounds the masses even further, thats right blog viewers, I am one step ahead. In fact, this last weekend I opened up an Edgars account, yip thats right, apparently I need to get credit. The irony of it all is that you cannot get credit if you don't have credit, let that just sink in a little bit. I need the credit to be able to pay of my cell phone account cos currently its in Odette's name (long story).

Life was much simpler in the wild now that i think about it. We didn't have cell phones out there, if you needed to call someone you just gave out a Howl, "OOOOOOOOOOWWWwwwoowowooOOWowoWowowwww......wwwwww.....ww...w". And if they didnt want to talk to you they didn't howl back or just flat ignored you.

But anyway i digest.
Lets recap on all the Independent tasks that i will be able to do all by myself.
1. Washing: swimming with my clothes on.
2. Food: phone number of every restaurant and take away within 50km, or neighbors.
3. Clothing: Red beenie/Cap for winter.

I think I've made my point.