Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Isn't it wierd how its everyones birthday this year?

Also it's the one time of the year where you are truly allowed to act like you own the world and everyone is expected to just be nice to you. I don't make the rules, but I will use them to my advantage.

Anyway, Its my 26th B-day (or 15th, depends how you know me) on the 13th of September (diarise that) and so I've come up with a few goodies that I think would be cool to consider getting me for my Big day.

Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the items I would not be offender at receiving.

1. Subwoofer, Amp and the box.

Check out www.soundmatch.co.za for examples.

2. A Tom-Tom

Check out www.digitalplanet.co.za

3. Leopard/Tiger print swimming Cozzie for Thailand

Erm, a slight warning for those a little squeamish www.abcunderwear.com

4. Digital camera

Any kind, the are all cool these days.

5. Reason and Pro Tools, and maybe Fruity Loops

These are music programmes.

6. Design/Graphic Tablet

I think speak to Richard about these, he seems to know whats going on here, or even Roy.

7. Powerball hand Gyroscope

Find one here at www.amazon.co.uk. This thing looks cool.

8. SCUBA diving watch

Um, try here www.mydivewatch.com

9. New guitar strings – 10 gauge electric guitar strings

Many brands to choose from, I'm not too phased about them, try Ernie Ball, they are probably the most popular strings.

10. Keyboard with weighted keys

11. Money

Maybe I should add 'World peace' and 'An end to World Hunger' as numbers 12 and 13?

So these are just here as guide lines, feel free to explore other venues and websites and even think of other goodies you might want to send my way.

Am i missing anything from this list? What would you have added? Let me know in the comments section.