Friday, August 13, 2010

What is takes to be a MAN!!!

Yes!!! Men have muscles, and we like machines like power tools and drills and grinding things, and metal, yes metal, and black oil that get dirty, and... and... um.. and other thing of a manly nature.

Okay, so today we're talking about what it means to be a man (a la Phoenix). In my youth i remember my dad making, fixing and building EVERYTHING in and around our house. "No", he would say, "We don't need a plumber, I'll unplug it". "No, we don't need a mechanic, I'll fix it". "No, we don't need a dentist, I'll pull it out". He is a real man, if he needed something done, well by golly he did it himself!!!

I feel 'modern man' is far to lazy and/or wimpy to try and build something with his own hands. Yip, i said it, prove me wrong. Its far easier these days to pick up the phone and say "ooooh, mister fridge fixer, my fridge isn't working" or "aaaah, iv got a flat tire, let me phone road side assistance."

So, with this in mind, let me take you on a little journey. We have an anthracite heater at my house and its super impossible to get that bad boy going so we predominately use the electric heater. So i figure, there must be a way to get the anthracite hot enough to get the coals glowing, then it hits me. I remember seeing a device that quickly gets braai coals hot (goes for about R150), so i figure, let me be a MAN. What would a MAN do?


So that’s just what I did. I started by drawing a few sketches of what it would look like. Then i got into action. Into dads garage I went. I used man things like hammers and wire and pliers and those screwwy things those clamping things and a whole other bunch of tools. Yes, i felt like a real man.

So after an hour or so this is what I came up with.

This is the inside. The coals sit on top while the fire lighters are protected at the bottom. What a genius.

So everything was going perfectly!!! The fire starter worked amazingly, the coals were cooking in no time at all....

And then it happened.

It seems it worked a little too well, it melted the side of the fire starter. This thing was soooo hot!!!! Okay, so after trying to get the molten coals into the fire place (and not setting the house on fire), the coals got to cold in the transition and the fire flopped.

Oh well, points for trying, and next time i know i can do a better job, mabye get it right next time.

Dedicated to all the real MEN out there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exploring New Territories

So yea, we are leaving to go to Thailand soonish and I've realised that our departure date is smack bang on my birthday, how about that huh? (13 of Sep, FYI). I wonder if they can get an air hostess to jump out of a cake for me or something...? hmmmm. but anyway, i digest. Anyone got ideas of how to through a party in a plane?

Other rad news includes me jet setting all the way to an exotic location with white beaches, clear seas and awesome weather. Well actually its just to Cape Town, but its still awesome!!! My band, Broadway Screamer, will be flying down all expenses paid. We will be playing some shows and will be making a TV appearance!

I will, of course, upload any and all pics on my music blog which you can check out here

Also, keep checking my blog for my super exciting BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!!! Coming soon.

leave me a nice comment cos id like to hear from you and wanna hear your ideas.
Stay Awesome!!!