Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exploring New Territories

So yea, we are leaving to go to Thailand soonish and I've realised that our departure date is smack bang on my birthday, how about that huh? (13 of Sep, FYI). I wonder if they can get an air hostess to jump out of a cake for me or something...? hmmmm. but anyway, i digest. Anyone got ideas of how to through a party in a plane?

Other rad news includes me jet setting all the way to an exotic location with white beaches, clear seas and awesome weather. Well actually its just to Cape Town, but its still awesome!!! My band, Broadway Screamer, will be flying down all expenses paid. We will be playing some shows and will be making a TV appearance!

I will, of course, upload any and all pics on my music blog which you can check out here http://flightofmusic.blogspot.com/.

Also, keep checking my blog for my super exciting BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!!! Coming soon.

leave me a nice comment cos id like to hear from you and wanna hear your ideas.
Stay Awesome!!!


Morphues said...

Soon up and coming Birthday Boy - The Phoenix Steel Project rocks! Listened to it on youtube. Awesome stuff. Well done.

Emmi said...

Cape Town has 3 days a year of awesome weather. What are the chances of you being there?

Nathan van Deventer said...

Thanks Morphues! yea, i'm trying to write an album of songs of different styles, sort of a tribute to all the different kinds of rock/metal music i like. i'm even gonna throw in some chilled stuff.

see you soon.

Nathan van Deventer said...

Emmi, my skin is so pale if i take my shirt off in Cape Town there will be much reflected light that the temperature will go up at least 7 degrees but i may be sued for blinding the beach goers.

Lafloss said...

I finally read this, yayyyy!!!

Rea said...

Since when are you going to Tailand? Through aaaaallll of our gmail chats you have never mentioned this!