Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Dead yet

So yes it’s been a while since i last wrote and with good reason of course. I was lazy.

Many moons have passed since mother dearest went across the yellow border to stay with father dearest and after the initial bombardment of emails and Skyping to check up on us and the dogs, it would seem that we are but a distant memory.

Mom has settled in quit nicely so far and even got a job, which lasted a week. She decided that she would decide to decide on her return home (because she is coming back home for a short while over September), whether or not to try find a stable job in Hong Kong. She has met many nice people there, some who even randomly came and gave her food while she was reading a book in the mall. The culture is very different there, there is no such thing as personal space.

Dad is still trudging along like a trooper! None of the plans that hear of falling out of the sky are ever his. He can’t wait to come home and finish the house in Bredell so that him and my mom can park off and do whatever it is that old people do.

As for me, I am still alive and kicking. It would seem that many of my ideas that initially seemed fool-proof did not work. How does the saying go?” Make something fool-proof and they’ll find a bigger fool”. Washing my clothes in the pool did not clean the clothes though I did get a good work out, and later a cold when winter hit us. Scavenging from the neighbours bins also became problematic as some neighbourhoods have cat gangs that beat you up if you invade their turf, also the dog bite got old very quickly.

It would seem that a new era has dawned. An era of prosperity and happiness. An era where a man buttocks need not get bitten and his clothes needn’t be thrown away or burnt. Yes dear friends that era has arrived. That era began when my boet started cooking. Sweeeeet! And Florence comes nearly twice a week so clothes are sorted. BOOM!

We going down to Hong Kong and Thailand over September so you guys better miss us, but don’t expect any gifts or other nonsense, you’ll photo’s and be happy with that!

So ya life is pretty good. Il let you know if anything else cool happens.


Anonymous said...

Woot! Glad things are working out.

Alison said...

Can't wait for the next instalment. And even though many of us won't admit to being surprised that you aren't dead yet, we would definitely miss you, and will miss you in September too. Lunch will not be the same.

BIG G said...