Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phoenix on a Hog!

Song playing: A better me
Artist: Heavenly


So anyway, welcome to 2012, I hope it's gonna be great and nice and bla bla bla for everybody!!! But seriously , I have a good feeling about this year, I really do, I have voiced this opinion a few times, just hope I don’t go and jinx it now.

2012 brings all the things a new year would; the sense of starting fresh, new beginnings, new year’s resolutions, promising to go to gym or lose weight or be nicer to people or give more to charity or to try something new or to quit certain habits or to begin good habits.

I've never really cared about new year’s resolutions. To me it was a list written to remind people of what they are NOT going to accomplish in the year and what they are going to FAIL at. Not for me thank you. I preferred to take each year as it comes. Don't make plans or goals, then you can't fail at them, seems like a good plan to me.

Song playing: Hooves over Northland
Artist: Falconer

This year, however, I have decided to get a lil 'crazy'. Yip, I kinda made a new year’s resolution (let’s just call it NYR from now on). It’s more things I’d like to do, get done, start, fix, replace, begin, end, etc. So basically an NYR i guess.

Some of which include cleaning my room, or finishing projects like my empty Koi pond, or creating a budget plan, Madness, I know.

So you might be wondering what the whole point of this blog entry is. I have recently discovered that it does not matter what I write about. Or if I even have a point. Why? Well firstly, It's my blog, secondly, you probably don't really care, thirdly, well, it's my blog so I can write what I want.

But i will make a point, just so that you feel like you have not completely wasted your time.

I want to get a motorbike license, but I am one of those people who needs a little incentive. So, what did I do?

I bought a bike :)

Song playing: Gravenimage
Artist: Sonata Arctica

These were taken the day I got to ride it for the first time. My dad was teaching me and I learned to gear from 1st to 4th and back to 1st, how to take corner's, and how to pop wheelies! (kidding about the wheelies). Below is me, my hog (needs a name), and there's some of my mom and dad.

And that my dear friends is my Kawasaki KLR650. It is red by the way, and not orange.

Happy 2012, let me know what you think.


Phoenix Steel said...

I have helmet hair by the way.

Tesscat said...

You have Ace hair by the way.

Your mom's toes are so pointy!

Very lovely, cool socks.

Phoenix Steel said...

@Tesscat: Very observant! Although I did not dress for a photo shoot, else i would have worn my Monster Energy Drink cap, Tap Out shirt, Skinny jeans and crocs.

And, my mother is a saint!

Al said...

Good start to the year indeed. And yes, nice hair, socks and toes. Now get the licence!

Tash said...

Nice wheels Nate! And I'm kinda pleased you decided to make some NYRs in the end. When you do set goals and achieve them, the "I totally dominated that" feeling is way better than the "Oh crap I didn't achieve my goal" feeling. It also gives you a purpose in life. Well that's my opinion anyway. Otherwise I'd float around in a little bubble like the screensaver on my laptop.

MissyM said...

I so so so approve of your NYR to start a budget! Will happily assist over some beers and a hubbly. Btw - in photo 2, is it a bird, a plane or Superman you are staring at in the distance?